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About Me


名前  (Name): alibaba a.k.a. No.8
生年月日(Date of Birth): 3月Ⅰ日 (March, 1st)
出身地 (Address) : 宮城県仙台市(Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan)
仕事・職種(Work): デザイナー、写真家、DJ(Designer, Photographer, DJ)

Now, I’m living in New York, and leaning Graphic Design.

I love all Hip-Hop cultures that is Rap, Music, Graffiti, and Dance.

Anyway, check Out my Artwork!!

~My Artwork~

Soul Your Mind Vol.2 in Tokyo
2010.6.17(THU) 22:00- @UKIYO 浮夜
DJ MIHOKO, Macka-Chin, Akeem the Dream, Lady-K

Design by alibaba

Avenue 80s Sticker
Jan. 2010

Design by alibaba

Avenue80s Winter Collection 2009
Dec. 2009

Design by alibaba

Back to Back Mag Top
Oct. 2009

Design by alibaba

The Bowl Face
Aug. 2009

Design by alibaba

Design by alibaba

Design by alibaba

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  1. nara permalink
    November 9, 2009 7:38 pm

    cool~ Av 80s!

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